Theresa May's popularity amongst Tory grass-roots plummets in online poll

The Prime Minister faces a stark warning of her unpopularity amongst Conservative members and activists.

In a fresh threat to the PM's position, a survey for the ConservativeHome website has found that Theresa May has become the second most unpopular cabinet member with average support of minus 9 per cent, beaten only by the Chancellor, Philip Hammond on minus 24.8 per cent.

The poll seems to suggest a massive drop in support for the PM since March, when she had a favourable approval rating of 56 per cent.

Although May had experienced a temporary boost in her popularity amongst Tory party members after the Salisbury poisonings, the survey shows that her support is at it's lowest since July 2017.

Environment secretary, Michael Gove is viewed most favourably by Tory members, while Ruth Davidson is polling a respectable 67.7 per cent, despite not being a cabinet member or MP.

There were reports at the end of May that Gove and Davidson were in talks about replacing the Prime Minister with Gove as an 'caretaker' PM, before Ruth Davidson could seek a seat in the Commons which would allow her take over as Prime Minister, although this has been denied by both politicians.

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