Thousands march through London to save NHS

Thousands have marched through London to mark the National Health Service’s 70th anniversary and demand the NHS be properly funded.

The widely derided ‘Brexit dividend’ hailed by Theresa May earlier this month has been rejected by the government in favour of tax rises on low and middle earners. Labour have said that £20 billion is “not enough” and would “barely keep the NHS at a standstill”.

Placards thanked NHS staff for their help and warned of an American style healthcare system. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised that “Labour will end privatisation because our NHS should be about healthcare for all, not profits for a few.”

Trades Union Congress General Secretary Frances O’Grady said that today’s march should be a wakeup call, and that “We’re sending a message to the government today that our NHS needs a better deal and it must be publicly owned and provided so that every penny goes to patient care and not to private profits.” She also highlighted recent TUC research which showed that GPs in England were chronically understaffed.


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