Thousands Of Teachers Back EIS Call For 10% Pay Rise

Thousands of teachers have written to councils to back the Educational Institute of Scotland’s call for a 10% pay rise.

EIS have estimated that at least 20,000 teachers have written to councils to support the 10% pay rise ahead of today’s COSLA meeting. There was also a demonstration outside the meeting in Paisley Town Hall.

Teachers in Scotland have suffered a real terms pay cut of almost 25% over the last decade, including changes to pension contributions and national insurance. It is therefore unsurprising that they have backed the education union’s demand for a return to pre-austerity levels of pay. But the union insists that this only the first step on the road to fair remuneration.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “Over the past two weeks, teachers and associated professionals from across Scotland have responded strongly to the EIS ‘Fortnight Focus’ and sent a very clear message to Scotland’s councils on pay. After a decade of pay freezes, pay caps and pay cuts, it is now time for a significant pay rise for Scotland’s teachers.”

Mr Flanagan added, “Based on the levels of engagement via the e-lobbying tool on the EIS website, we estimate that around 20,000 emails were sent to Councillors across Scotland by EIS members, calling on them to support the 10% pay increase for teachers and associated professionals. This strong e-lobbying campaign, together with the demonstration that was organised outside the COSLA meeting in Paisley today, have sent a message that Scotland’s councils cannot afford to ignore. Scottish education needs professional teachers, and pay must be improved if the growing recruitment and retention crisis across the county is to be overcome. It is time for a fair pay settlement for teachers, as the first step to delivering the salary levels that all our teaching professionals deserve.”

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