Three out of four don’t want taxes spent on Royal Wedding

The UK’s love affair with the Royal Family appears to be drawing to a close, according to polling from YouGov commissioned by Republic.

The republican organisation heralded a new dawn of apathy, as British voters by and large no longer cared about the outdated spectacle. Three out of four were directly opposed to the use of public funds for the royal wedding, and only a third are even interested.

Only a third of the population would be “very disappointed" were the institution to be packed up after the Queen, while almost half are dead set against Prince Charles inheriting the throne. Even among royalists, there is widespread opposition to Bonnie Prince Charlie, which is strangely ironic. Support for monarchy falls to 38% if he is seen to be influencing policy, as he has done many times, mostly recently in Scotland through his endorsement of TeachFirst, a controversial teacher training scheme.

The monarchy’s popularity has taken a number of hits in recent years, most notably after the Panama Papers exposed the use of tax avoidance schemes by the Crown Estate. Sympathy for the current occupant remains high, but patience is clearly waning with the institution.

Responding to the findings, Republic's Graham Smith said today:

"This YouGov poll shows a very clear picture of a nation disinterested and apathetic about the Royal Family."

"We're not a nation of republicans yet - but we've stopped being a nation of royalists. Seven years of major royal events has left the British people deeply unimpressed."

"A country in love with the royals wouldn't mind paying for the wedding, a nation of royalists would be keenly following the wedding coverage, and people who love the Queen would say so unequivocally."

"We're constantly being told that the nation loves the Queen and the Royal Family - clearly that's not true."

"We're told this weekend's wedding is a national celebration.  Clearly that's not true."

"And we're told the monarchy's future is secure.  This poll suggests that is in doubt."

"The royals are running out of fresh ideas and big PR opportunities - now the real debate about this rotten institution must begin."

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