Three-Quarters of Labour Delegates back open selections

The grassroots campaigning group, Momentum, has said that over 77 percent of those polled by the group back proposals for Members of Parliament to face re-selection proposals prior to General elections.

Laura Parker, Momentum's national organiser, said the current rules were "outdated", and pointed to the success of American Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, under the Democratic Primaries system in the US, stating that under “ Labour’s restrictive, outdated rules she would have been shut out”.

“Measures to open up parliamentary selections, increase grassroots representation on the national executive committee and give members more of a say in leadership contests are supported by a vast majority of ordinary Labour members, and I hope NEC members will take note of this support when they meet on Tuesday.”

Momentum has previously backed raising the threshold for trigger ballots to 66 per cent, rather than the current 50 percent, but the new proposals would see the current system abolished outright.

A pro-open selections petition has gained 11,863 signatures at the time of writing, while several of Labour's key union affiliates are thought to back the measures.

“I think that Unite are likely to support it and some of the smaller unions will definitely support it. The FBU, Aslef and the CWU,” said Chris Williamson, the pro-Corbyn backbench MP at a 'democracy roadshow' event last month.


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