Top Tories launch think tank planned with sleazy President Ball organiser

A new right-wing thinktank is being launched today, to win back the support of the under-45s who deserted the party in droves at 2017 General Election.

Onward is the dream child of Michael Gove and Ruth Davidson, and is the latest example of a party desperately scrambling to win back support from whole generations of people trapped in a low-wage, high-rent, crushing debt spiral which they helped initiate.

Unfortunately, their claim to be offering “a new wave of modernising ideas and a fresh kind of politics” sounds hollow when you cast an eye over the board of the new organsiation.

The new thinktank was planned at the Mayfair mansion of one David Meller - the man who organised the sleazy all male President's Ball that was exposed January this year, and who chaired Michael Gove’s leadership campaign. Gove also appointed him to the Department of Education board in June 2013.

Also on the board are luminaries like Ben Bradley, who was famously threatened with libel action by Jeremy Corbyn and ended up humiliating himself with a tweeted apology and a donation to his local foodbank in Corbyn’s name. He is also infamous for advocating that the poor should receive vasectomies (something he defends as ‘shock journalism’ to get his foot in the door).

Other bright sparks include Kemi Badenoch MP who recently admitted hacking into a Labour opponent’s website to make it say “nice things about the Tories”, which is certainly a shortcut for compliments.

The board is also stuffed full of Tories that worked for George Osborne in the treasury to push forward the austerity agenda that has seen Britain fall to the bottom of the OECD growth table, including Neil O’Brien MP and Eleanor Shawcross.

The organisation is officially registered with two political consultants from the heart of the establishment - Nick Faith and Will Tanner, from the Westminster Policy Institute and Portland Communications respectively. We’re sure that they’ll have a good handle on policies that appeal to “places that feel neglected or ignored in Westminster” - as set out in the organisation’s mission statement.


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