Tories Accused of Cover-up over Windrush Documents

The Government has faced accusations of seeking to suppress embarrassing documents from Theresa May's time at the Home Office, after Government whips ordered Tory MPs to vote against an opposition-day motion to release information relevant to the Windrush scandal to the Common's Home Affairs Committee for scrutiny.

Conservative MPs have been given a three-line whip to vote against Labour's motion to release all papers, correspondence and advice on Windrush “between Ministers, senior officials and Special Advisers” from May 2010 till the present.

Labour has sought to use the same procedure that saw ministers forced to hand over the Brexit impact reports last year, leading to panic in Government circles that the Prime Minister may be implicated more heavily in decisions stemming from her flagship 'hostile environment' policies.

Labour's spokesperson told journalists this morning: “If the architect of this cruel farce, the prime minister, is ordering her MPs to vote to keep her role in this mess hidden from the public, it exposes the Tories’ crocodile tears on the Windrush scandal as a sham. “

"We need answers, not further cover ups to save Theresa May from facing up to her involvement in the removal of rights, detentions and possible deportations of British citizens.

"After letting Rudd take the fall for her decisions, how can the public have any trust in the Prime Minister?"

The Government has sought to play down the Windrush scandal in recent days, attempting to shift attention onto Amber Rudd's resignation for misleading parliament, rather than the policies which lead to the mistreatment of British residents and Commonwealth citizens.

While the Prime Minister has apologised for the treatment of the Windrush generation, so far the Conservatives have refused to admit that Theresa May's 'Hostile Environment' policies were to blame.

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