Tories slammed for forcing sick MPs to attend commons for full session

The Tories have been slammed for forcing sick and hospitalised MPs to attend a full session in order to vote on the latest Brexit amendment.

Long standing conventions dictate that when MPs are truly sick or hospital bound, they only need to arrive outside of parliament in an ambulance or taxi and their vote will be waved through.

But fears about the government’s position on the ‘meaningful vote’ amendment mean that they are using every trick in the book. John Prescott, former deputy prime minister, said that in all his years in parliament this trick had never been used.

The sick MPs include Naz Shah, who has been hospitalised for the past three days, according to the Financial Times’ Jim Pickard. The MP for Bradford West was forced to vote in a wheelchair, even after the government had quelled its backbench rebellion.

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said: "As I understand it there has been a refusal to nod through people who are not in a state to vote in the normal way and that is obviously unacceptable."

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