Tories the party of 'Far-Right' values, according their former MEP

David Cameron's former leader of the Conservative's European group, Richard Ashworth, has savaged his former party over siding with Victor Orban's government in Hungary.

“Having been a party worker for over 30 years and, having been a former group leader and party board member, I find this extremely disappointing,” Mr Ashworth said.

“I always have been, and always will be, a Conservative. However, I am surprised that the party does not apply the same standards in Westminster and I am extremely concerned that this once broad church, pragmatic Conservative party has deserted the centre ground in favour of far-right ideology and intolerance.”

The Hungarian Premier has been censured over his attacks on press freedom and anti-Semitic attacks on leading Hungarian Jewish businessmen.

In a letter to Tory MEP,s after the vote, Orban expressed his "gratitude" for their vote in support of his government.

"I appreciate the support you've shown towards national sovereignty and solidarity during the vote. I can assure you that regardless of the shameful attacks of pro-immigration forces, we will not give into extortion." he wrote.

In response to Ashworth's comments, Ashley Fox, the current leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, said Mr Ashworth “was expelled for leaving the ECR group and joining the EPP”.

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