Tory attempt to discredit Islamphobia accusation backfires

The Chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum accused the Tory party leadership of seeking to avoid 'rocking the boat' over fears tacking Tory racism could cause “political problems” for Tory leaders.

The group has now joined a number of Muslim organisations, including the Muslim Council of Britain, who are calling for the party to conduct an investigation into the issue, along with over 350 Mosques and the Muslim Women's Network.

Mohammed Amin said he was concerned that tacking Islamophobia in the party was viewed as a risk, with whips worried about alienating MPs the Tories rely upon on to keep their slim majority in the Commons.

Amin said his group had made“several approaches” to the party about Islamophobia but there had not been “a satisfactory set of outcomes” after the meetings.

In comments to The Independent he said:“The Conservative Party seems to be taking the approach that if it keeps quiet and does nothing the issue of anti-Muslim sentiment by some members of the party will somehow magically go away,”.

“Right now the Conservative party does not want to create political problems or rock the boat.

“It is challenging when you have no majority at all as you don’t want to alienate individual MPs, but the consequence has been that the party has failed to take sufficiently strong action.”

Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, previously denied the Conservative party had a problem with Islamophobia.

But in the most high profile case, the secretary of the Conservatives' 1922 Committee, Bob Blackman was accused of sharing anti-muslim content online, and has come under fire for inviting Hindu ultra-nationalist Tapan Ghosh to speak at parliament in 2017.

Ghosh had praised the Myanmar government for ethnically cleansing its Rohingya Muslims population.

When questioned about the decision to invite Mr Ghosh to speak, Mr Blackman told The Times:“In our commitment as a nation to fight extremism and radicalisation it is important to hear the voices of suppressed minorities.”

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