Tory candidate for London Mayor slammed for 'repulsive' views

Shaun Bailey told a Conservative gathering that there was a "cottage industry" of women getting pregnant in order to get council housing.

The Tory pick for London mayor told a fringe at the 2008 Conservative conference that “getting knocked up to get housing” had become an issue in some areas of London.

The comments are the latest blow to the Mayoral hopeful, after it emerged that he had written a pamphlet arguing that multiculturalism risked turning the UK into a "crime-ridden cesspool".

“You bring your children to school and they learn far more about Diwali than Christmas. I speak to the people who are from Brent and they’ve been having Muslim and Hindi days off. What it does is rob Britain of its community. Without our community, we slip into a crime-riddled cesspool,” he wrote in 2005.

“There are a lot of really good things about Britain as a place and British people as a body. But by removing the religion that British people generally take to, by removing the ethics that generally go with it, we’ve allowed people to come to Britain and bring their culture, their country and any problems they might have, with them.” he wrote in 2005.

Bailey has so far refused to apologise for the remarks.

Dawn Butler, the shadow women and equalities minister, said: “Shaun Bailey must urgently clarify his views on domestic violence as his words will raise serious alarm bells with men and women alike. The views he expressed just a few years ago are repulsive and dangerous and have no place in modern society."

“If Shaun has been on a journey since he said these hurtful things we must hear how his views have now changed.”

A spokesman for Bailey said: “Instead of trying to misrepresent and take out of context historical comments from Shaun Bailey, Sadiq Khan’s team should try and focus on tackling the soaring crime rates in London, getting Crossrail back on track and sorting out his dismal record of housing. He needs to spend more time focusing on his day job and less time on the red carpet.”

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