Tory MP blocks ban on ‘upskirting’

Hard right Tory MP Chris Chope has been lambasted by politicians from across the political spectrum for blocking a private members bill on ‘upskirting.’

The bill, which had widepsread support, was put to the chamber after a campaign led by Gina Martin after she caught two men taking photos up her skirt at Hyde Park. Martin said she was "extremely upset and disappointed" about Chope’s actions, but hoped that this would only mean a delay as the Government confirmed its support for the bill.

It isn’t the first time the MP for Christchurch has filibustered bills with widespread support. He’s played the same game time and time again. He tried (and failed) to block the inquiry into Hillsborough and a move to pardon Alan Turing. He successfully blocked a bill that would have banned the use of wild animals in circuses, as well as another bill that would have banned revenge evictions. And in 2015 he joined fellow Tory dinosaur Phillip Davies in ‘talking out’ a bill that would have granted free car parking at hospitals to carers.

Tory MPs even took to Whatsapp to denounce their fellow MP for ‘endangering colleagues in marginal seats’, according to the Spectator.

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