Tory MP Nigel Adams expenses shopping spree revealed after mocking living wage for young workers

After mocking Labour's policy to extend a £10 per hour living wage to young workers, a Tory MP has had his own expenses spree revealed

Responding to the announcement that Labour would extend the living wage to younger workers who are currently paid less under minimum wage laws, Nigel Adams said "Why not throw in a free iPad and free Spotify subscription?".

Soon after, Mirror journalist Dan Bloom pointed out Adams was one of the MPs who went on an all expenses paid shopping spree for a £1000 laptop just before the expenses spending deadline set by the House of Commons in advance of a general election. 

MPs are barred from purchasing such equipment and charging it to the public purse upto six months before a general election, but Adams took advantage of the system and splashed out on the high spec laptop in September 2014, eight months before the 2015 General Election. 

Adams was one of a number of MPs at the time who racked up a £70,000 bill for computing equipment before the deadline, prompting the expenses watchdog to write to MPs expressing concern, according to The Guardian. 

Labour's proposal would ensure fairness for young workers, making sure they are paid the same as older colleagues when doing the same job. 

Currently, those aged 18-20 are paid nearly £2 less per hour under minimum wage laws, even though they are doing the same job. Those aged 21-24 are also paid slightly less than those over 25 who are paid at least £7.83 per hour. 

As well as fairness, supporters of the policy point out that the youngest workers often have no less of a financial burden, with many responsibile for support a family and running a home.

Many on Twitter said the tweet showed how out of touch Tory MPs were of the reality facing young workers.


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