Tory Universities Minister Resigns over 'naive' Brexit deal

Sam Gyimah becomes the tenth Government Minister to resign over Theresa May's Brexit plans.

In the latest blow to the Prime Minister's authority, the Conservative Minister for Universities and Science has resigned, and seemed to back a possible second EU Referendum saying: "we shouldn’t dismiss out of hand the idea of asking the people again what future they want”.

In a post on Facebook, Mr. Gyimah wrote: "After careful consideration and reflection, I cannot support the Government’s deal and as such, I have tended my resignation as Universities and Science Minister."

"It has become increasingly clear to me that the proposed deal is not in the British national interest, and that to vote for this deal is to set ourselves up for failure. We will be losing, not taking control of our national destiny."

Responding to Mr Gyimah’s resignation, Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery said: “Theresa May’s Government continues to fall apart in front of our eyes.

“May’s botched deal is failing because it would be bad for Britain and people are waking up to that. We want to end this chaos with a sensible, Jobs First Brexit."

The Prime Minister has also had to contend with the news that at least a third of the MPs appointed as UK trade envoys are refusing to back the deal, with one accusing the PM of 'misleading' foreign governments on trade.

Conservative MP Tim Loughton, told Sky News: "For some trade envoys who have spent a lot of time working with governments and businesses to promote trade deals, which will now be affected by staying in existing tariff rates, this is very frustrating because it makes our job harder, it has led people up the garden path."

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