Unions and campaigners plan mass rally against East Dunbartonshire council

To kick off four days of strike action, workers from Unite, Unison, and the GMB are planning a mass lobby against East Dunbartonshire Conservative-Liberal Democrat council.

The rally is planned for this Thursday from 5:30 onwards outside the council building and during a full council session.

The scale of the cuts to pay and conditions planned by the council are breathtaking. They include abolition of three days annual leave, which effectively amounts to a pay cut. They also plan to lengthen the working day by three hours by removing pay incentives for unsociable hours, a policy which is known to have a detrimental impact on workers’ health. In addition, they are also going to cut redundancy payments, which makes compulsory redundancies all the more likely.

It seems the ConDem coalition is well and truly back in East Dunbartonshire. 

Simon Macfarlane, regional organiser for UNISON, said: “Having voted by 93% margin to take strike action, UNISON is implementing our members’ decision to stand up to the devastating cuts they are facing. Our members don’t want to take strike action but they have been left with no choice.

“These employees are struggling with the impact of needless austerity daily, they have suffered years of real-terms pay cuts and have stretched themselves physically and mentally to try and maintain vital services which have been cut to the bone. Yet, instead of praising them, the Lib Dem / Tory administration is attacking its own workers. These workers – most of whom are female and many low-paid part-time workers – deserve much better from their employer.

The strike will begin at the end of this week and continue until the 26th of June. Unison has also warned that its members will be taking action short of strike from the 2nd of July onwards, and working strictly to their job description rather than going above and beyond. It is hoped that this drastic action will show the council bosses that they can’t take their workers for granted.

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