Unite to reveal 40 foot anti-Trump banner at Durham Miners Gala

Unite are planning to unveil a 40 foot anti-Trump banner at this weekend’s Durham Miners Gala.

The Gala - the largest working class festival anywhere in Europe - will clash with other anti-Trump protests taking place across the country. But a collection of trade unions have decided that it shouldn’t stop them showing Trump the door.

The banner is also being supported by the Durham Miners’ Associations, the Fire Brigades Union, the University and College Union, the Communication Workers Union, the GMB, the National Education Union, the Transport and Salaried Staff Association, train drivers union Aslef, and public services union Unison.

While Trump’s horrific policies towards migrants and refugees have caught the attention of the international press, it has been less well reported that his administration is backing a series of anti-trade union laws that would cripple America’s public and private sector unions. The latest decision by the United States Supreme Court to kill ‘Janus’ forces unions to provide the same benefit to non-union members, is only the latest in a long line of anti-labour policies.

But unions in America are fighting back. A series of strikes by teachers in traditionally ‘red’ states has forced republican legislatures to increase pay - and local referendums have repeatedly overturned anti-worker laws, most recently in Washington DC.

The Durham Miners’ Association secretary Alan Cummings backed the moving, stating that workers throughout “the length and breadth of the UK” are opposed to “[Trump’s] politics and policies of intolerance”.

In a statement, Unite regional secretary for North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Karen Reay said:

“The Durham Miners’ Gala is when workers and trade unionists from across the UK gather together in camaraderie. The banner demonstrates that those attending the Gala are in complete solidarity with the anti-Trump protests.

“Donald Trump’s politics of intolerance, divide and division have no place in the UK and are totally rejected by workers and trade unionists.”

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