Zero-hours worker wins legal case against employer

A bar worker who had been working on a zero-hour contract has won his legal case against his former employers over last-minute shift cancellations.

Alasdair Thomson, said his shifts were cancelled on a number of occasions leaving him unable to find other work to replace his lost wages.

Better than Zero, a Trade Union backed campaign fighting against zero-hours contracts, supported his his claim against a local bar.

His lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors, said the case was settled before a judgement was handed down by the court.

Mr Thomson said: "It's not everywhere that treats you badly, but certainly it's not the first bad experience I've had.

"When bosses cancel these shifts at the last minute, is has such a huge effect on your life.

"Not only is it impossible to find replacement work at such short notice, it mean it's impossible to make basic plans about what you do with your life.”

Under zero-hour contracts, the employer is not obliged to offer any minimum working hours, which can lead workers to live in extremely precarious circumstances if they are not given enough paid work in a week.

This case has big implications for the rights of zero hours workers across the UK. Labour pledged to abolish them in 2017, but the number languishing on these contracts has since grown by over 100,000 to almost a million. Around three per cent of the entire British work force is employed on zero hours contracts.

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